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Media Resources

Use this page to access all of the media resources and sources for the WDAA World Show.

Promote Your Accomplishments

WDAA congratulates you on your accomplishments at the 2022 Western Dressage World Championship Show! Please feel free to fill out and send this template to your local newspaper or use for your own social media, no matter what your placing was – or even if you competed but did not place. We celebrate your journey, and we also thank you for helping spread the word about Western Dressage. If you would like to send a photo to your newspaper, please make sure you have purchased the rights to do so if using a professional photographer. Having a family member or friend snap a candid photo with your ribbons is also an option. If you or your media outlet have any questions, please reach out to WDAA vice president and media liaison Holly Clanahan at

Show Manager

(505) 228-6865

Show Secretary

(405) 760-0135

Show Grounds

9600 Lazy E Dr.
Guthrie, OK 73044